Conservation Grazing

The native pony breeds of Britain & Ireland are all well suited to conservation grazing, regenerative agriculture, and rewilding projects. These ponies are extremely hardy and able to thrive in extreme and unforgiving weather, with relatively poor grazing and browsing. They are varied browsers and will spread their browsing (and grazing) over the variety of species available, and their selections change depending on the time of year. Unlike ruminants (cattle & sheep), they have upper incisors which allows them to grip and neatly bite at plants instead of tearing. This avoids damaging the plant fundamentally and boosts natural regeneration. The benefits of ponies are huge, especially with the range of sizes and habitats these breeds are suited to. They have been a vital part of our ecosystems for thousands of years, and their value in this is starting to be recognised.

Please get in touch if you would like to source some ponies, or have questions about breeds and habitat suitability.