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Sourcing ponies for conservation, regenerative agriculture, and rewilding can be a big hurdle. Below is a list of contacts for a range of UK & Ireland native pony breeds. Arrangements are bespoke, with some organisations offering permanent long-term loan (and welfare checking), short-term grazing, and even permanent sale & adoption. It is important to find the arrangement that is most suitable and viable, along with the right breed, for the habitat (each breed comes from a different region and is suited to the grazing and habitats found there). In the directory you will find contacts and organisations for each breed. Each listing will be able to source varying amounts of ponies over varying timescales and locations. The idea of this Directory is to help get connected with ponies across the UK.

The below photos are an example of some of these breeds successfully employed at a range of sites across the UK. It is not an exhaustive list, but it just gives a idea of the range of shapes and sizes. There are 11 recognised breeds of Mountain & Moorland (M&M) ponies, 1 unrecognised M&M breed, and 2 or 3 M&M pony types that are all well suited to grazing projects.

Exmoor pony

‘Priority’ breed from Exmoor, southwest England that is a popular conservation grazing choice, especially for wetland projects. Uniform “primitive” look, very hardy, and easy to source. Medium size.

Fell pony

‘At Risk’ breed from the Cumbrian fells that is hardy and versatile – well suited to upland and open landscape projects. Successfully employed on a number of sites. Large size.

Carneddau pony

Unique breed of North Wales with fascinating history. Closest to being “wild’ in the UK and one of the hardiest. Easy to source at gathering time of year. Small size.

Eriskay pony

‘Priority’ breed originating on the remote Island of Eriskay, Outer Hebrides. Very hardy and suited to coastal & rocky projects. Medium size.

Highland pony

‘At Risk’ breed from the highlands and islands of Scotland, well suited to upland, open and coastal sites. Suited to extreme climates and poor quality vegetation. Versatile and come in a range of colours. Large size.

Dartmoor pony

‘Priority’ breed from Dartmoor in southwest England that is popular with small sites. Successfully employed by organisations like the Wildlife Trust. Medium size.

The Directory

Using the Directory: this Directory is a list of people and organisations for each breed who can source ponies (depending on availability). There is a rough location for where they are based, and some organisations, such the Moorland Mousie Trust, are national. This Directory is to be used as an initial contact on your steps to sourcing ponies. Each entry will have a different arrangement requirements that you can discuss with them.


Carneddau pony

Connemara pony


Dales pony

Dartmoor pony

Dartmoor Hill pony


Eriskay pony

Exmoor pony


Fell pony


Highland pony


Kerry Bog Pony


New Forest pony


Shetland pony


Welsh pony & cob

Grazing Advice

Please feel free to get in touch if you have questions about using ponies, breed suitability, or anything else related. If you would like to be added to this Directory please get in touch.